Single coffee cup pour overs come in packs of 12.  Choose single origin coffees, Java Jake's custom coffee blends or mix and match!

Pour Over - Variety Pack

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Single Coffee Pour Overs - Variety 12 Pack

Why settle for one flavor?  Purchase a box of Java Jake's single pour over coffee pouches in the flavors you like best!  Select either two or three different flavors and we will make your set to order.

Each pouch will make one single pour over cup of coffee.  Each cup you make will be freshly poured using freshly roasted coffee.  What could be better?

In order to provide you with the freshly roasted coffee you like best, please leave up to three single origin or blend choices in the "Notes about my order" section of your shopping cart.  We'll do the rest!  If you aren't sure what you would like, leave that area blank and we'll send you what we like the best!