Our Story

Java Jake's is a micro coffee roaster located in Phoenix Arizona.  It was founded by Randy Thomas
Java Jake’s is a micro coffee roaster based in Phoenix, Arizona.  It was founded by Randy Thomas and named for one of the young men he helped to raise. When Jake was 8 and his brother was 10, Randy and his husband Scott began mentoring them.  They started doing the typical mentor mentee activities such as playing hide and seek at the park, going to movies etc.…  As time went by, those activities became weekend stays.  The weekend stays became school holiday stays, and eventually the boys would spend most of their summer vacation at Randy’s home.

When Jake was in his early teens, Randy and Scott became concerned that he was experimenting with drugs.  This experimenting would become a huge problem for Jake as he grew up. He began skipping school and eventually spent more time away from school than he did in class. This, of course, led Jake into more and more trouble until eventually he was in trouble with the police.

During his year in jail, Jake was forced to be sober and began to take action to improve his life.  He earned his G.E.D. and even successfully enrolled into a state university. Once Jake was back out in the general population, he began to roam once again and things quickly started falling apart.  At this time, Randy had moved to Phoenix  while Jake was living in Michigan. Jake moved to Phoenix to be with Randy and Scott in hopes of putting his life back together.  But, running away from your problems is never a solution.

Jake was in his usual repeating pattern of doing drugs and then attempting to stay sober without a plan and without the proper support.  As happens to so many people, this plan failed over and over again.  When Jake was 25, he started to really fight his addiction, and he started a job serving coffee.

Randy had been a lover of high quality coffee for several years, and Jake quickly discovered he had a passion for coffee as well.  So ... Java Jake's was born.  Randy started Java Jake’s as a way to help Jake realize a future without drugs. Jake has a great sense of high quality coffee and how great coffee can be blended and roasted in different ways. Because of his passion for coffee, Jake has discovered that there are better things in the world than drugs and alcohol.  Jake is now leading a clean and sober life in the Phoenix area.

So why do we tell you this?  We tell you this because Java Jake's is not just a business.  It’s a passion two people share. It’s proof that where there is hope, there can be success. For these reasons, and others, Java Jake’s has committed itself to giving back to the community.  Every quarter Java Jakes donates a portion of its profits to substance abuse and recovery programs around the Phoenix area in hopes of helping others deal with their addictions. We have also implemented the Coffee That Cares (link) program, which allows non-profit organizations to earn money from each Java Jake’s sale dedicated to that charity

Making money is nice, but helping the world become a better place is nicer. Through our passion for quality coffee and our dedication to improving lives, Java Jake’s makes the world a better place one cup at a time.