Brazil - Single Origin

Brazil - Single Origin

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Single Origin coffee from Brazil

Region: Fazendas Lenheiros
Flavor: Hints of raisin, cocoa and strawberry
Body: Balanced
Aroma: Fruity, nutty
Ingredients: 100% pure Arabica coffee from Brazil


This 100% Brazilian coffee was harvested from five farms in the Fazendas region. It provides a wonderfully smooth coffee drinking experience. If you order this micro lot coffee as a lighter roast, you may taste hints of raisin or strawberry.  Do you prefer a stronger coffee?  Order this Brazilian bean as a darker roast to gain more hints of cocoa.

This coffee can be ordered in whole bean or ground to your choosing.  If no roast level is selected, we will roast the coffee to a medium (we think it is wonderful at that roast level!).  If you would like a lighter or darker roast, simply select the desired roast level when you order.

Java Jake's is a micro coffee roaster that believes in providing the best possible coffee for each individual consumer. Java Jake's doesn't roast one large batch so coffee just sits around waiting for you to buy it.  We roast small batches as needed in order to make sure your coffee is fresh and delicious.  Fresh coffee is the best coffee!

Do you like giving back to the community? Every quarter Java Jake's donates a portion of it's profits to charity. Do you work with a non-profit organization? If so, check our Coffee That Cares program.  Help good organizations raise money by drinking great coffee!