Early Bird

Early Bird

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Origin: Ethiopian blend
Flavor: Hints of berries, brown sugar
Body: Creamy
Aroma: Berry, sweet
Ingredients: 100% pure Arabica coffee

Early Bird - a coffee blend to wake you up!

Ingredients: 100% arabica coffee from Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Kenya with no artificial flavors or colors

Need a little "up" in your get up and go? Early Bird is will hit the spot. This coffee blend has a great full flavor to welcome the day, but isn't bitter like so many different flavorful coffees can be. This is a great coffee for helping you to wake up in the morning, lunch friends or an afternoon pick me up.

Unlike our single origin coffees, we do not offer a variety of roasting levels for our coffee blends. We do, however, offer a variety of grinding levels to fit your personal coffee needs. Java Jake's is a micro coffee roaster in Phoenix Arizona who believes in providing the best possible coffee for each individual consumer.

Do you like giving back to the community? Every quarter Java Jake's donates a portion of it's profits to charity. Do you work with a non-profit organization? If so, check our Coffee That Cares program. Help good organizations raise money by drinking great coffee!